10 Most Underrated WWE WrestleMania Matches Ever

Unsung classics on WWE's Grandest Stage

Cena Michaels Wrestlemania 23

When it comes to iconic WWE matches, it’s fair to say a great deal of them took place at WrestleMania. So it should be: this is WWE’s flagship event, the one that aims to bring viewers new, old, lapsed, casual, and hardcore alike to the table. From headline events to show stealers, the showcase of the immortals has lived up to its name.

But with supercards of the size put on at WrestleMania, there are always going to be matches that fall through the cracks, that for whatever reason people seldom talk about. Maybe the event was so stuffed that a match of real quality can afford to be underrated; maybe it comprises smaller names, or is a lesser match of an industry legend. In some cases they’re bouts that need a second viewing to truly enjoy, free from the hype of the time.

These are the matches that so seldom get the respect they’re due. They may not be the first match you’d turn to when explaining what’s so great about wrestling, but they do go some way to explaining what’s so great about WrestleMania: at its best, a properly stacked card on which anyone can be the hero on that night.

10. Sheamus vs Riddle - WrestleMania 37

Cena Michaels Wrestlemania 23

2021’s WrestleMania night 2 lacked the celebrity sheen and emotional catharsis of the first night, but it boasted some killer wrestling matches, and a low key show stealer was this tussle over Riddle’s US championship. The former UFC man was getting over with the fans and could already claim to be one of the most successful NXT graduates.

Sheamus, meanwhile, had slowly built himself into one of the empty arena era’s most valuable assets through stiff, convincing matches with Drew MacIntyre and others. The two wrestlers’ styles complimented one another beautifully here as they set out to steal the show and didn’t come far off succeeding.

They had only 10 minutes to play with, but milked the most out of every moment, with crashing suplexes from the top rope and Riddle continuing his campaign to get booked with Goldberg by hitting a Jackhammer on Sheamus.

The finish was dynamite: Riddle attempted a moonsault only for Sheamus to counter with a Brogue Kick (which absolutely clatters Riddle) for the pin and a well deserved win for the company veteran who might just have had the best run of his WWE career.

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