10 Most Unlikely Contenders For The WWE World Title

Some legendary figures have challenged for the world title... these are not those men.

Throughout history, many of wrestling's most famous and infamous moments have taken place during world title matches. Fantastic athletic contests have given birth to legendary figures in the wrestling business from Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat, to Steve Austin and The Rock.

Unfortunately, this list is not about those men.

Instead, it focuses on those world title contenders who were seemingly plucked out of nowhere and given a shot at the company's biggest title without rhyme or reason.

Whether they were a perennial midcard act, an undeserving newcomer, or some worker receiving a completely unjustified push, these wrestlers found themselves in a high-profile match that left fans scratching their heads.

There is certainly nothing wrong with being a midcarder or an enhancement talent because not everyone can headline WrestleMania. However, it's one thing to wrestle on the opening match of Raw and completely another to challenge for the world title on a pay-per-view.

In an era where WWE is seemingly desperate for any new star to emerge, they may be wise to read this list and avoid the mistakes of the past.

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