10 Most Unwatchable Wrestling Matches Ever

The very worst of the worst - matches you couldn't sit through if you were superglued to the chair.

Bret Hart Vince Mcmahon
Ric Scuteri/AP/Press Association Images

Before I go any further, I€™'ll need to clarify my criteria for judging a wrestling match unwatchable. The word €˜unwatchable€™ is a moveable feast: one man'€™s dinner is another man'€™s diarrhoea, after all.

So we'€™re not just talking about nonsense that doesn€™t really get started, like Jeff Hardy€™'s debacle at TNA Victory Road in 2011. We'€™re not discussing screwjob finishes like Montreal, or the longer Iron Man style matches that turn so many modern wrestling fans off - and if that€™'s the case, then clearly we€™re not going over any of the old school or retro wrestling bouts of yesteryear.

They may have operated under a radically different aesthetic to today€™s classics, but that doesn'€™t make them unwatchable.

Neither am I prepared to curate a long list of mainstream women'€™s matches over the last couple of decades, where WCW, WWF/E and TNA - in their infinite wisdom - allowed untrained, underprepared models to take the place of wrestlers and expose and embarrass the business on live television.

It would be reductive to write and read the same entry over and over again, so I€™'ve included what I believe to be the worst ever example of such a match: consider that entry to represent all of its sisters.

If you have a favourite match of this type (if €˜favourite€™ is the right word to use), go ahead and tell everyone all about it in the comments, including a link if you have one. Remember: I€™'ve had to watch all ten of these unwatchable matches in order to report back to you, so you all owe me a drink.

And don'€™t worry if you disagree with my choices - that€™'s what healthy dialogue is for!

I'€™ll start with a well-known one to kick us off...


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