10 Most Vicious Personal Insults In Wrestling History

9. Cody Rhodes Burns Disco Inferno Alive

Bret Hart HHH

Disco Inferno is a podcaster with one bad faith take: everything remotely connected to AEW is sh*t.

There are two reasons why Disco does this. The first is at least halfway strategic: the popularity of All Elite Wrestling personally offends a a certain pocket of the wrestling fandom too thick to grasp that, by being so defensive and gotten-to, they are effectively putting the promotion over. These people don't give it the cry-laugh emojis when, for example, DDT and STARDOM draw praise for their shows in 2021. Because those promotions aren't legitimately competing with their beloved WWE. These WWE ultras love the contrarian podcast racket. It validates them.

The more significant reason is that Disco Inferno in 2018 buried Kenny Omega and Cody Rhodes for a spot that resulted in the latter suffering a gash just above the eyelid. "Nobody knows how to "work" anymore," he moaned.

In response, Cody killed him so effectively that Disco was forced to spend the rest of his days dedicated to a sad, bitter, and utterly transparent grift:

Disco was not a star. He appeared alongside the real stars during the most popular era of modern wrestling. Cody made this important distinction very clear with the best Twitter promo of all time.


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