10 Most Violent WWE Matches Of The Modern Era

9. Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins Vs. The Bar - No Mercy 2017

walter ilya dragunov

While the majority of this list doesn't feature matches based on major injuries suffered by performers, this is the unfortunate exception as it contains one of the most sickening non fatal injuries in wrestling history.

In their sensational rematch to their minor classic at SummerSlam, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Sheamus and Cesaro all put in the work to top their efforts from the previous month. It showcased the undying chemistry between Ambrose and Rollins and continued to put over The Bar as one of the most naturally compelling tag teams in modern wrestling. Unfortunately, it is most remembered for the sickening botch that happened in the middle of it.

Ambrose and Cesaro were engaging in a typical spot, with the Lunatic Fringe attempting to slingshot Cesaro into the corner. He succeeded but Cesaro collided with the post too hard and his front teeth disappeared from the impact. With blood pouring from his mouth, audiences quickly realised that the teeth hadn't been knocked out but had plunged so deep into his gums that they were no longer visible.

Despite him needing surgery afterwards, he continued wrestling and it created the aura of true violence, still provoking fans to sickness years later.


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