10 Most Wildly Offensive Wrestler Names Ever

1. The Final Solution

Remember the movie Batman and Robin? Yeah, it was pretty terrible, I agree. But do you remember Bane from that film? The guy that played the role before Tom Hardy? That was Jeep Swenson. And if you watched WCW in the mid-90s, you may recognize him as The Final Solution, one of the 10,000 or so men that were out to end Hulkamania forever! Or maybe you don€™t remember him as The Final Solution, because he was soon changed to The Ultimate Solution. Why the sudden change? Because someone in WCW didn€™t bother to read up on what The Final Solution was. Unfortunately, that was the name of Hitler€™s plan to rid the world of Jewish people through genocide. Yikes. Now, I know the internet wasn€™t very widespread in 1996, but surely someone could have used an encyclopedia to realize that naming Jeep The Final Solution was a really, really bad idea. But this was WCW, and taking any extra effort to not create embarrassing and wildly offensive content just wasn€™t their style.
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