10 Most WWE Wrestler Physiques From Outside Of WWE

Who are the literal wrestling giants yet to make their way to Vince McMahon's land of the giants?


“God damnn ittt pal, look at all that beefff” – it’s probably what Vince McMahon says when he sees John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Hulk Hogan and others in all their muscular glory, in his sweetest dreams. After all, one could say that WWE’s very legacy has been built on these big beefy boys doing all their beef slapping stuff in the ring. It’s in the company’s DNA. The very first thing that comes to people’s minds when they heard the word WWE is chiselled eight packs and biceps the size of bowling balls.

And yes, it’s most certainly true that in recent years, the profile of an average WWE superstar has changed considerably from this, with smaller, athletic, flippy guys finally being given the chance to showcase their talent and grab the, ahem, Brass Ring. Still though, Vince loves himself a six foot five inch, 260 pound beast and will more often than not push them to the moon.

As obsessed as Vince is with this class of performers, WWE is certainly not the only place where you can find these big powerhouses treating their opponents like toothpicks. All major promotions have at least a few that stand out literally from their peers, and WWE would certainly love to get their dollar tattooed hands on them. These, are ten such wrestlers who may work outside WWE for now, but their physiques are perfect for what Vince wants in potential stars.

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