10 Most WWE Wrestler Physiques From Outside Of WWE

10. Wardlow


Wardlow, A.K.A the Bane to MJF’s Poison Ivy, A.K.A taller and scarier Marty Scurll, A.K.A the man with one of the most amusing names in pro wrestling today, is big. In fact he is very big. Big enough to look down the likes of Cody as if he was a high school junior and big enough for Vince McMahon to start licking his lips whenever he sees him, which admittedly is unlikely given Vince probably doesn’t watch any other wrestling show out of the need to pretend none of them exist.

Standing at 6'2" and weighing almost 250 pounds, the man is a powerhouse who can go toe to toe with just about anyone in the business without having to crane his neck to look them in the eye.

And while we are yet to see the man in action in an AEW ring, judging by how he almost cleaved Cody’s flesh off his back during the lashing segment, it’s safe to say his strength matches his size.

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