10 New Directions For WWE After Royal Rumble 2023

WrestleMania 39 could be back-to-back nights of losing for WWE top boy Roman Reigns.

Sami Zayn WWE Universal Title

This year's Royal Rumble housed one excellent 30-man scrap, a fairly average 30-woman affair, an underwhelming undercard elsewhere and one of the hottest match-come-angle situations WWE has presented in years.

Sami Zayn did a lot of the heavy lifting in the latter, but that's something fans have come to expect from the dude. His rise through the Bloodline ranks might've been accidental from the writers, but they now have the chance to catapult Sami into the main event mix for good.

Creative better not spurn that chance.

Asking where WWE goes from here comes with pretty obvious answers on the surface. They've got Elimination Chamber to contend with, then the annual beast known as WrestleMania takes centre stage. Look beneath that pageantry and you'll see lots of moving parts though - Zayn might not be the only worker who's heading for something special.

Title changes are incoming, characters will reshape, mysteries will be solved and legends will return for a big fat payday heading into April. Here's everything that the Rumble fallout suggests, including two guys who are about to take flight.

Attention, Montreal air traffic control...

10. Logan Paul & Ricochet Literally Flying

Sami Zayn WWE Universal Title

...look out for two flying objects shaped like Logan Paul and Ricochet!

That combo collided mid-air to produce one of the Rumble's most memorable spots. Did it make sense in the context of the match? Nah, not really, but LP/Rico combined to smash into one another like they were being handled by some kid playing with WWE action figures.

Triple H surely booked this on purpose, and he surely knows just how special Paul vs. Ricochet could be in a full-blown match. It's probably too far to pitch that these guys have a wrestle at Elimination Chamber, but...this fan wants to see it, and he wants to see it soon.

There's space on a supercard for this kind of clash, especially given that Paul is now pretty much a default heel because WWE hardcores can't stomach him. Ricochet would be the baby, LP the villain, and they'd produce some high-flying, Cruiserweight-style goodness.



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