10 Most Notorious Stephanie McMahon Urban Legends

Learn about the incident with former diva Kaitlyn and upsetting members of the creative team too.

Stephanie McMahon was once known as the Billion Dollar Princess and now she's on her way to being the queen of World Wrestling Entertainment. Some might say she's already there. Along with her husband Triple H (Paul Levesque), Stephanie is the heir apparent to her father Vince McMahon whenever he decides to call it a career. As we know, Vince is a workhorse and even though he's 69 years old, he's still going to run things in WWE on a daily basis. In ten years that may change and when it does, Stephanie and Hunter will be there to run the show. With her mother Linda and brother Shane no longer in the family business, Stephanie is the going to be the most influential McMahon for the next two or three decades to come. The career of Stephanie McMahon has grown before our eyes in WWE. When she started out as a regular on TV in 1999 she was an innocent woman in her early 20s. Within a year, she was running the show on screen with her husband Triple H and within a few years after that she was in charge of the Smackdown brand. Behind the scenes, she was also overseeing the Creative Team although daddy Vince remained the ultimate decision maker in the company. These days, Stephanie is still very active in the company. She has three daughters with Triple H and she works a full time schedule, including flying to WWE's television events while also appearing as a regular on TV as part of "The Authority" heel group. She's developed as an on camera performer to the point where it's fair to say she is one of the best heels in WWE. Due to the fact that Stephanie grew up in the wrestling business, there are all kinds of stories about her. While she appears to be a really nice lady that is working hard to provide for her family, there are a lot of things we don't see too. Here's a closer look at some of the urban legends surrounding Stephanie with a look at the story, a mention as to why people believe it and if we should believe it.

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