10 NXT Wrestlers Who Will Never Make It To WWE's Main Roster

9. Solomon Crowe

The main roster has too many wrestlers and characters on the show that it€™s very difficult for anyone not in the main event scene or pushed consistently to enjoy a long presence on the show. Because of that, a wrestler has to be charismatic and have a gimmick that not only stands out (in a positive way), but is relatable to the audience. Solomon Crowe€™s gimmick barely qualifies as standing out in a positive manner€because he€™s a 'hacker'. Despite having considerable experience in independent promotions, including Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Combat Zone Wrestling, the former Sami Callihan has been stuck with a gimmick that, despite its €˜modernity€™ vis-à-vis technology, is incredibly out of place in WWE. Can you imagine seeing Callihan walking down the RAW entrance ramp, iPad in hand, messing with the audio and lighting systems that Kevin Dunn and the production team hold so near to their hearts? Not likely. Though the gimmick€™s definitely unique, it€™s not really appropriate for the main roster, especially since the majority of gimmicks these days aren€™t even gimmicks, but personality quirks. Even if Callihan was an excellent wrestler and masterful talker (he€™s OK in both departments), the gimmick would be more of a dead weight to him than an asset on the main roster. Because of that, he should accept that NXT is his home, unless a radical gimmick change lies in his future.

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