10 NXT Wrestlers Who Will Never Make It To WWE's Main Roster

10. Carmella

NXT is being praised routinely for how it presents its female talent. The women of NXT, especially Sasha Banks, Charlotte, Bayley, and Becky Lynch, tend to put on stellar performances, and their matches are often considered Match of the Night whenever NXT holds its Takeover specials. However, there€™s one woman who fails to stand out when compared to her fellow women€™s wrestlers: Carmella. As the valet of Enzo Amore and Colin Cassidy, Carmella has enjoyed a lukewarm response from the NXT crowd. While Amore and Cassidy are genuinely funny and witty, Carmella€™s the third wheel that doesn€™t seem to fit in the group dynamic. Worse yet, she€™s nowhere near the level of in-ring skill as the other women, and that perception really damages her chances of advancing to the main roster. Her biggest accomplishments so far have been squash victories against Blue Pants, and a few matches against Alexa Bliss that have left a lot to be desired. As if that wasn't enough, even if she does improve her in-ring work, she has the fitness model background, which has actually been a major hindrance to fan acceptance of newer Divas. For example, both Eva Marie and Summer Rae came from this background, and despite their improvements, fan responses towards them, especially for Eva, have been borderline vitriolic. Unless she improves dramatically, Carmella might expect something similar for her. NXT is a wrestling show, and that€™s what she needs to work on. If not, she€™ll never reach the main roster.

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