10 Obscure WWE King Of The Ring Facts

Learn why WWE will never hold a King of the Ring in Memphis.

For years, it seems like fans have been practically begging WWE to bring back the old King Of The Ring format. From 1993-2002, the Pay-Per-View bridged the gap between WrestleMania and Summerslam nicely - in fact, the show was considered part of the 'classic' eras of wrestling on PPV, long before the calendar was diluted by monthly supershows. WWE have announced that the King Of The Ring will make a return, but only as a WWE Network special. Even so, this represents a nice re-airing for one of the most fondly-remembered gimmicks in grappling folklore. There was a time when being the 'King' meant something, but it remains to be seen whether or not the company will make something of this comeback. Yes, the King Of The Ring is a beloved concept for sure, but it hasn't always had the most celebrated history. Several duff winners have threatened to derail the premise, although it still remains much-loved to this day. Since eliminating it from the Pay-Per-View schedule after the 2002 event, the tournament has had several airings on television, but may never again return to former glory. This list looks at 10 intriguing facts from the history of the King Of The Ring, many of which will have your jaw hitting the floor. Bow down to the King, these are facts worth crowning.

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