10 Occupational Gimmicks From WWE's PG Era

Think occupational gimmicks were a thing of the past? Think again.

Damien Mizdow The Miz

For reasons that are more than likely best left unknown, the WWF went through a phase in the 1990s of giving new performers absolutely ridiculous gimmicks. Newcomers looking to make a mark in the world of wrestling were slapped with occupational characters, being portrayed as wrestlers who had another job on the side.

We had a wrestling garbage man, a wrestling plumber, a wrestling dentist, a wrestling repo man (admittedly excellent), a wrestling friar, and a whole lot more. It wasn't big and it most certainly wasn't clever, with the only major success being the wrestling zombie mortician.

We like to look back at those times and chuckle, before reminding ourselves that things are much better now. Well, things are better now for sure, but are occupational gimmicks a thing of the past? Oh most certainly not.

The PG Era of WWE has seen countless gimmicks that have taken the occupational bent of the past and given it a modern spin. Some have been immensely successful, others less so, yet for some reason the subject of occupational gimmicks in the modern era rarely gets brought up.

To jog your memory, here are 10 occupational gimmicks from the PG Era.

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