10 Old WWE Stars You Won't Believe Are Still Wrestling

1. Paul Orndorff (67)

Paul Orndorff 2017

Paul Orndorff suffered a nasty arm/neck injury combo during the middle of a money run against Hulk Hogan in the mid-80s. Not willing to take the time off to get surgery, Orndorff wrestled through the pain. That would cost him eventually; later, Paul's muscles would atrophy and actually shrink in size.

Forced to step away from the ring for good by 2000, Orndorff's appearance has drastically changed since. Despite his numerous health issues (including cancer), the former 'Mr. Wonderful' made his return to the ring for a match in May, 2017 on a Canadian Wrestling Elite show.

At 67 years of age and given all the problems with his health, he no longer looks like the WWE star of old. The 6-man tag Orndorff worked was hardly a throwback to his glory years either, but it must have taken some mental strength for the man to even consider getting back inside a wrestling ring.


What other old WWE stars do you know of who are shockingly still wrestling? Let us know down in the comments section below!

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