10 Outrageous Storylines WWE Nearly Booked

What was Vince McMahon thinking with some of these CRAZY ideas?

Wrestling fans have been made to endure a string of bad-taste storylines over the years. Who will ever forget 77 year old Mae Young giving birth to a hand? Or how about Triple H having sex with a 'dead body'? Sex and gross-out moments were a certified ratings winner in the Attitude Era, but nowadays we are treated to much safer WWE product. The family friendly PG era has led to Vince McMahon restraining his creative ambitions. But just what exactly might we have seen had the WWE Chairman been allowed to run riot with his creative juices? There's a whole range of shocking angles that got left on the WWE drawing board. Some of these came from Vince, while others were suggested by his creative team members. Over the years we've found out about these storylines, resulting in a mixture of disgust and hilarity. It really is crazy to imagine some of the things that WWE or WCW wanted to broadcast on television. In the following incidents a moderate voice was always around to shut the wilder imaginations down. When you consider some of the sickening storylines that did make it to TV, you just know the ideas that were deemed 'too wild' are going to be really far out there. Some of the subjects covered on this list will include incest, transsexuality and even slavery. WWE have a strong tradition of pushing the boundaries, but we're more than relieved that they didn't cross the line with some of the following gross-out ideas!
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