10 Overlooked Positives From WrestleMania 32

9. Zack Ryder Gets His Moment

Baron Corbin WrestleMania 32

There was much gnashing of teeth over the set-up for WrestleMania 32's eventual Intercontinental Title match. The Royal Rumble promised a potentially barnstorming affair between long-term NXT rivals and super-over grapplers Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, with the added possibility of debutant AJ Styles thrown into the mix.

It wasn't to be. AJ was thrown into a seemingly never ending lover's tiff with Chris Jericho, whilst the WWE's determination to throw as many people on the show as possible - regardless of merit - resulted in an overcrowded seven-man IC Title ladder match featuring such deserving luminaries as Stardust and Sin Cara.

At least we knew the match would almost certainly deliver, and in the end Owens or Zayn would emerge victorious ahead of the crowd, right? Well...we were partially right.

The bout was a predictably riveting spot-fest, but instead of Owens or Zayn claiming the strap, it was...Zack Ryder!  With barely a television win to his name in years, even having Ryder in the match was considered an affront. Yet who could begrudge the guy? Despite his questionable involvement, Ryder's unlucky-loser tag makes him super-popular. Instead of being furious when the 'Ultimate Broski' ascended the ladder for the win, a disbelieving Dallas crowd went wild with enthusiasm. A heartwarming WrestleMania 'moment'.

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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