10 Painful Wrestling Receipts Caught On Camera

Brock Lesnar displays his hard man credentials - and Chris Jericho shows why he squared up to him...

Shane McMahon

The practice of "issuing a receipt" is a uniquely pro wrestling thing that simply doesn't happen in any other workplace.

For the uninitiated, it's an ironic punishment; if through bad-tempered unprofessionalism, overwhelming adrenaline or general oafishness a pro wrestler hits their collaborator harder than is necessary to suspend the disbelief of the audience, their opponent is well within their rights of etiquette to smash them in the face.

God, imagine the joy if something like this was acceptable in your more humdrum office environments. Co-worker who skives constantly by getting the hot drinks and is only masquerading as a helpful colleague? They're not really being a good brother. They're working you, brother. They aren't doing business. Lock the bathroom door. Let them piss themselves. That'll learn their green ass.

Regrettably, the greatest ever pro wrestling receipt wasn't captured on camera; only the aftermath. We saw Vince McMahon's black eye, but we didn't see Bret Hart knock him clean out. Nor did we see Arn Anderson, whose infamous "glock" promo was actually totally believable, go hog wild on Sid's stomach with a pair of scissors.

We did however see...

10. Brock Lesnar Punches Braun Strowman Really Hard In The Temple

Shane McMahon

Must be daunting, working Brock Lesnar.

He's a total pro, a fact that puts over just how fantastic he is at his craft. Few if any can orchestrate the frightening level of danger that Lesnar does at his motivated best. His work appears reckless. It isn't. He's just a legitimately terrifying human being with immense knowledge of the scariest angles at which to drop people and the physical mastery with which to do it. Still, this side of Haku, there's nobody tougher. Aim an errant strike anywhere near him, and he will jellify your brain. Braun Strowman f*cked up, and was issued a particularly painful receipt at the 2018 Royal Rumble PPV.

Strowman kneed Lesnar stiffly in the head, so Lesnar in the time-honoured tradition punched Strowman in the temple. The slow-motion footage is gruesome; you can practically make out Braun's brain colliding with the other side of the skull. The organ, to Lesnar, was a punching bag. In the aftermath, Strowman shrugged.

It's a contact sport, not tennis, he reasoned, which was ironic; the action replay looked so disturbing that the stem seemed like a net over which Lesnar smashed an ace.

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