10 Painful Wrestling Receipts Caught On Camera

9. Rick Steiner: No Fan Of The Karate Kid

The Karate Kid is a motion picture so beautiful that it carries a certain sadness in 2021. Something so uplifting, earnest and corny couldn't be made today.

That, incidentally, is what's so great about the Cobra Kai TV sequel. In a daft, but no less potent way, the show makes you feel like it's all OK. It isn't. But that's the magic of it. Rick Steiner however is no fan of Danny LaRusso's triumph over high school bullies. He was in Cobra Kai, only, somehow, he managed to find cooler and more iconic gear.

This is known because, back in JCP in 1988, a green dog-face gremlin distributed a receipt when Chris Champion accidentally dropped him with a shoot crane kick.

Try to be best / 'Cause you're only a man / And a man's gotta learn to take it'


Chris Champion did, in fact, have to learn to take it. Steiner, unhappy about being stiffed in the mush, shot him into the ropes and pounced on him with a fabulous, deadly-looking Steiner Line. He almost took the poor f*cker's head off.

"You're all right, Champion!" Steiner didn't say in the post-match - though he did go on to mentor his son in the ways of kicking ass.

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