10 People You Didn't Know Worked In WCW

Who knew the director of Hostel worked for WCW?

At one point in the late 90's, World Championship Wrestling had over 250 different performers under contract. It's truly baffling why management in the company thought this was a good idea, considering only around 40-50 of those wrestlers were used on a regular basis. When analysing this kind of decision-making, it's not really that difficult to see why WCW were having financial difficulties, losing a lot of money between 1999-2001. It's incredible to think that men such as Lanny Poffo were still under contract to WCW as late as 1999, despite never even appearing once for the promotion - signing on in 1995, that's 4 full years that WCW were paying someone money to never do anything. Away from such confusing business strategy, there were a plethora of other performers who only appeared briefly for the Atlanta-based group. During the 90's, there was such a high turnover of WCW staff that it only makes sense now that almost everybody and their mother (literally, in the case of Buff Bagwell) had a crack at working for the promotion. Listed here are 10 people many fans won't realise actually worked for WCW, whether in the ring or behind the scenes. None of these people would truly make it with the company, often going on to do bigger and better things elsewhere.


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