10 PG-Era WWE Stars You Won’t Recognise Now

8. Kizarny

Vladimir Kozlov

Kizarny had a bit of a blink and you'll miss it run on WWE's main roster back in 2008-2009. He was heavily hyped with vignettes before debuting with a win over MVP on the 2 January 2009 episode of SmackDown. Unfortunately, fans just didn't seem to get his 'carny' character, and he was gone by March.

Gone, but not forgotten.

Kizarny ditched that name and returned to his roots as Sinn Bodhi in groups like Chikara and PWG. As you can see in that side-by-side comparison above, he's also tightened up his body a little and grown one hell of a beard. Bodhi lost the long flowing locks that conjured up images of Chris Jericho too.

He has a bald, tattooed head and rocks a look one can only describe as Captain Spaulding from Devil's Rejects. If Spaulding hit the gym, that is. Bodhi's gimmick is almost like a modern retelling of Doink The Clown, which is a compliment.


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