10 Potential AEW Feuds For A Returning Kenny Omega

8. Will Ospreay

Kenny Omega CM Punk

The ongoing online spat between former IWGP World Champion Kenny Omega and his spiritual successor Will Ospreay is an obvious way to engineer a match between them. Such fantasy booking may have been off the table when Kenny left New Japan Pro Wrestling to form AEW. However, the invention of the 'Forbidden Door' has made cross-promotion feasible between the companies.

Ospreay has only ever faced 'The Cleaner' in singles action once in 2015 for Pro Wrestling Guerrilla. He has also had blistering tag team matches against Omega in New Japan which have also involved the likes of Kota Ibushi, Tomohiro Ishii, and Hiroshi Tanahashi. A clash between the two in their primes would be on another level, with both having an energetic and impactful style that is complementary to each other.

The fact that the two men have managed to avoid each other for this long is staggering considering how impressive it would be inside the ring. In a future cross-promotional event between AEW and New Japan, Ospreay versus Omega will be considered as one of the many potential dream pairings.


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