10 Potential New Feuds After WWE Night Of Champions 2015

What next for WWE after Sunday's PPV?

Night Of Champions was a rather messy pay per view, one which has already divided opinion and generated serious debate. However, love it or hate it, it has set the scene for a number of potential new feuds. The ending of the show alone saw Kane and Sheamus both forcibly break back into the main event scene, while other feuds were partially hinted at up and down the card. Some impending matches are inevitable, such as Ryback's certain rematch with new Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens, and Nikki Bella's similarly likely shot at new Divas Champion Charlotte. However, beyond these initial scuffles (many of which should be dealt with within the next week or two) uncertainty reigns. Here are ten potential new avenues the WWE could realistically explore in the wake of Night Of Champions, including a few old faces.

10. Seth Rollins vs Kane

Starting off with the most logical feud to surely emerge from Night Of Champions, Kane's post-match assault of Seth Rollins surely indicates a continuation of the pair's rivalry. Until Sunday night, the Big Red Machine hadn't been seen since Rollins attacked his already-injured ankle on a July edition of Raw - presumably the reason for his beatdown of the WWE Champion. Unfortunately, a Rollins/Kane feud isn't likely to set the world on fire, and must be seen as a step back regardless of how (hopefully) brief it is. Don't be surprised to see the pair face off at October's Hell In A Cell pay per view, an attempt by the WWE to sneak a substandard match onto the card beneath Lesnar and Undertaker.
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