10 Potentially Awesome WWE Feuds Which Failed To Deliver

Nobody drops the ball like WWE drops the ball!

Wrestling fans are an interesting bunch. WWE constantly serves us up rivalries with massive potential and then fails to follow through. What do we do in response? Take to the internet and let our complaints fly before continuing to follow the company blindly, no matter what they feed us.

By in no means is this list a scathing takedown of WWE as a whole, because, at the end of the day, the overall product isn't overly horrible. It's just that, unfortunately, many of the programs that look amazing on paper ultimately fall flat. Whether it's a dream match gone wrong or a slow-burn rivalry that didn't hit the right notes when in the ring, so many recent explosive feuds just haven't connected as well as we all thought they would. The reason behind this can't even be tied to one single thing. It could be the overhype from fans, lack of chemistry between the two performers, or as Chris Jericho once said, it could have been "A stupid idea from bad creative!"

Either way, not every dream feud can live up to expectations.


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