10 Potentially Invalid Reasons You Still Watch WWE

Does Goldberg scratch the nostalgic itch, or is it time for a change?

Bobby Lashley Goldberg

All of us are entitled to enjoy our moments of escapism however we please. If we earnestly enjoy something, that's fantastic, and this list is not to deter you from engaging with something that you find sincerely entertaining.

We are spoilt for choice with more alternatives and other forms of wrestling entertainment than ever before, so why do those of us find ourselves sticking to WWE, even if not exclusively?

WWE's battle to retain viewership and credibility as a wrestling promotion has seldom felt so faint. With rival companies stepping up their talent acquisitions, expanding their coverage and producing widely accepted superiority in terms of storytelling, WWE's once insurmountable grip on wrestling fans has rarely been as fragile.

Tack on countless horror stories of talent mistreatment, mass firings and in-house power struggles, and already we should perhaps be questioning why it is that a company with the tagline "put smiles on faces" is even a thing right now.

So why is it some of us seem a glutton for punishment and keep tuning in? Why do we invest our "me time" into a company seemingly devoid of creativity and one apparently dismissive of any legitimate form of competition?

Here's a list of ten potentially invalid reasons why you might still be watching WWE.

10. Accessibility

Bobby Lashley Goldberg

In a world where we can stream effortlessly to our phones or have devices work things out for us, WWE simply retains some viewers because it's the wrestling company with the largest reach.

Viewers outside of the US have a much easier time watching WWE content than other promotions and, as such, retain some of these consumers. Yes, everyone has means to access the vast majority of content from other promotions, but that's effort. We, on the whole, can be a lazy bunch indeed.

Sadly, the grim reality is that WWE have a firm hold on major TV deals and are extremely efficient at uploading content. The product on the television set may be questionable, but it is undeniable that WWE are masters at giving you the ability to access their product. The app, the YouTube channel, the network, peacock; wherever you look, WWE has an opportunity for you to access their content which unfortunately is one area where they are still ahead of the competition.

While that competition appears to be closing the gap as the battle for viewers heats up, and the likes of AEW garner more exposure, it's undeniable that WWE have made themselves easily accessible (sometimes at a price) for fans around the world.


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