10 Potentially Invalid Reasons You Still Watch WWE

9. The Slick Presentation

Bobby Lashley Goldberg

Irrespective of the product WWE puts out to fans, the presentation is immaculate. It is high budget and comes complete with all the bells and whistles needed to make everything seem like a spectacle.

Take NXT, for example. It may have ultimately lost the Wednesday Night War, but it is undeniable that its prime target features are incredible and ensure anything it is promoting feels like a seismic event. You could argue there are too many, but the video packages used to open Raw or SmackDown are edited brilliantly, casting the illusion that anything they are showcasing has been an intricately told story or character beat. If you watch anything for long enough it becomes a normalised viewing experience, and WWE has become the norm for many viewers.

If you are a fan that has had this experience for a prolonged period it can be quite jarring going from this style of presentation to a potentially more gritty or grounded style elsewhere in other companies and promotions. It can take time to get used to these other promotions and fans can bounce off an alternative product if they are confronted with something distinctly different from what they are accustomed to.

The product between the ropes may be questionable at times, as are all the stories we see, but WWE is fantastic at making pay-per-views and other events seem momentous and larger than life. It certainly can "feel" like the hottest promotion.


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