10 Pro Wrestling Moves That Need To Die

Old traditions and new innovations that suck equally.


Professional wrestling, like Hollywood blockbusters, rely on the same basic formulas to keep the wheels churning and the ticket sales coming in. It's bad guys versus good guys. It's hot chicks and muscular dudes. Revenge is the most common motive and allegiances shift on a whim to "shock" the audience.

And just like clockwork, we're guaranteed to see the same moves and spots that have already been used hundreds upon thousands of times over the last year. While the repetition of certain maneuvers is necessary and unavoidable, there are too many wrestling throws and attacks that desperately need to go away.

Some of them are old relics from the past that don't make sense in today's environment, some are insanely illogical and stretch the boundaries of believability way too far, and some are just really, really awful to look at.

The main problem is that so many of these maneuvers have become stitched into the fabric of professional wrestling over the last several decades and it can be tough to rip those threads out.

But, dammit, it has to happen for the good of the product. These moves simply need to die.

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