10 Pro Wrestling Moves That Need To Die

10. Outside Dives Onto More Than Two Opponents


If one were to venture a guess as to why the suicide dives of yore - where one man would fly over the top rope and crash down upon another man - have been replaced with wrestlers diving onto the human equivalent of an inflatable bounce house, one would have to assume it has something to do with the industry's newfound concern for their employees' safety.

Don't get me wrong, it's wonderful that after decades of life-threatening (and sometimes life-ending) injuries, professional wrestling has tried to remove some of those old and unnecessary risks.

But there's only so far you can go in altering a risky maneuver before you suck all the life out of it. After all, most of those moves look dangerous because, well, they are dangerous. The suicide dive (or any sort of dive to the outside) was an "OH HELL YES" moment because that man-on-man (on-floor) impact was hard to fake.

Nowadays, when a guy launches himself over the top rope, there may be three or four (or ten) dudes there to break his fall in the most anti-climactic of ways. It's like a stage dive that somehow breaks incredibly beefy dudes in half.

It was novel and fun to see the resulting domino effect the first few times, but now it's like watching a BMX rider flip into a pool full of cotton balls.

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