10 Pro Wrestling Moves That Need To Die

8. The Rear View


Compared to the sound of Michael Cole shrieking "Naomi calls that the Rear View!", fingernails on a chalkboard are a most welcome reprieve. That's not the only reason her jumping hip attack needs to fall to the wayside, mind you.

Whatever you think of her character, Naomi is one of the most talented in-ring performers currently plying her trade on the main roster, particularly when it comes to displaying some much lacking storytelling prowess.

Yet every time one of Naomi's matches comes to a close, disappointment lingers in the air because of her ridiculous finishing move.

While I can appreciate the novelty of the Rear View (and the exquisiteness of her backside), there's no reason that someone as obviously gifted and athletic as Naomi should be using something that silly as her finisher.

Sprinkle it into the middle of a match, treat it like a flying elbow, but just don't tell us that's enough to put even the most delicate of Divas out for the night.

Maybe it's something to do with her marrying into the legendary Anoa'i family. After all, Rikishi and Yokozuna both had finishing moves that focused exclusively on the use of their big asses to defeat their opponent. Is hitting people with your butt a widely-accepted thing in Samoan culture?? Seems weird.

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