10 Problems Only Wrestling Managers Will Understand

I have to get THIS guy over!?

It's unusual for things to be written from a purely first person perspective on WhatCulture.com, but I perform as the manager 'James R. Kennedy' for Insane Championship Wrestling. My character - one of a wealthy background who uses that money to hurt others - is influenced by all the greats, from Bobby 'The Brain Heenan and Jim Cornette, to Paul Heyman and J.J Dillon. Obviously, I have a long way to go before I even deserve to be mentioned alongside those men, but they were the inspiration for causing me to pursue my childhood dream of becoming a wrestling manager. Throughout my time in ICW, I've been lucky enough to work with some unbelievable talents. Many of these men have wrestled across the globe, and their wealth of experience has been eye-opening for me. As any manager knows however, the very position comes with its own range of problems. Those troubles are explored in this article, and they're not exclusive to my own work. Not all of these problems are ones personally experienced by me, but they are ones most common for the wrestling manager. For that reason, there will be numerous examples from my performances scattered throughout, mainly to provide key experience context. I've always maintained that my place is to help wrestlers get over with the crowd and ensure the spotlight is on them, but circumstances can make that difficult on occasion.

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