10 Problems WWE Solved With The 2019 Superstar Shake-Up

As messy as it was, this year's Shake-Up was full of positive moves.


WWE's latest Superstar Shake-Up is finally in the books.

Held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, it began with a busy Monday Night Raw that saw 17 individuals join the flagship show, with names as diverse as former WWE Champion AJ Styles and the newly-christened Viking Experience leaving their old homes for pastures new. Then, on SmackDown, Vince McMahon delivered on his promise of "the biggest acquisition the show had ever seen" as Roman Reigns led a group of newcomers that also featured Finn Balor, Buddy Murphy, and Bayley.

Mixed fortunes await everyone who moved homes in this year's Shake-Up, and as is always the case in this company, everything hinges on the follow-up. Regardless, WWE did a solid job of refreshing their stagnating talent pool this week. These episodes of Raw and SmackDown have become two of the year's most exciting since the brand split returned in 2016, and swathes of new booking possibilities now await Styles, Reigns, and co.

More than a mere cosmetic reshuffle, the Superstar Shake-Up went some way to addressing the myriad of problems stifling WWE's product coming out of WrestleMania 35. Let's run through its biggest steps forward...


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