10 Professional Athletes Vince McMahon Needs To Hire For WWE

They'd put the "sports" back in sports entertainment.


The history of professional athletes in wrestling is, as with all celebrity appearances in the industry, pretty hit-and-miss. Occasionally, the addition of an outside sports star brings added exposure to the wrestling business while adding a sliver of merit to the overall product. 

Other's Steve "Mongo" McMichael.

But just for today, let's disregard the Lawrence Taylors and Butterbeans in WWE's history and focus on the positive.

From William "The Refrigerator" Perry's solid performance at WrestleMania II to Mike Tyson's brief-but-magnificent run alongside D-Generation X, WWE has, from time to time, been able to wring the absolute best out of their athletes-turned-sports entertainers.

And despite some hiccups in their track record, it's still an exciting and potentially lucrative option for the company in 2016, provided they bring in the right people.

The key is in realising that Ken Shamrocks don't grow on trees. Not all pro athletes have that kind of long-lasting crossover potential. That's okay. In fact, using pro athletes in small doses - but hopefully for at least a solid month's work - allows you to conceal some shortcomings in the ring.

Here are ten options that would help expand the WWE's mass appeal without embarrassing the people who actually wrestle for a living.


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