10 Real Life Events That Forced WWE Title Changes

Sometimes title changes must happen for real.

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World Wrestling Entertainment prides itself on creating entertaining storylines. Even though "wrestling" is right there in the name of the company, they prefer to call it sports entertainment instead. That's because the entertainment side is arguably a bigger part of the show than the sports side these days. Storylines are crucial and a lot of thought goes into planning them.

Sometimes, though, real life gets in the way of their storylines. Some storylines in wrestling are planned out a full year in advance. Examples of that are things like the Randy Savage/Hulk Hogan storyline from WrestleMania 4 to their match at WrestleMania 5. Another example is The Rock vs. John Cena being announced one year before their WrestleMania 28 match. There are other storylines that aren't planned out well, which often times are reflected in a boring product. Then there are the real life situations that take place that WWE is forced to react to.

There are things that happen that force their hand and change the course of somebody's career. When titles are involved, that sometimes means that they have to change hands even though that wasn't the original plan. There have been other instances where WWE has capitalized on the hearts of their largely American audience by pushing the American pride idea on their audience. It's actually very smart on WWE's part because they're using real events to help their own company make money. In their eyes, excuse the cliche, but that's what is best for business.

Here's a look at ten instances where real life events led to title changes...

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