10 Reasons Daniel Bryan Could Return On Monday's WWE Raw

Seattle Raw the perfect place for Daniel Bryan's return?

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" was the chorus for one of the greatest WrestleMania journeys in WWE history. It was only two years ago when Daniel Bryan took us all on that adventure, but sadly it feels more like a generation ago. A lot has happened since that joyous night in New Orleans, most of it all very bad for the popular babyface superstar. The memories of the fantastic match with Triple H, then defeating Batista and Randy Orton for the Championship in the WrestleMania 30 main event will live forever. But a few weeks later, Bryan's father died. A month after that, he had to vacate the championship due to a serious neck surgery. He missed the majority of what should have been the greatest year of his career. He returned for a brief run at the start of 2015, but was again sidelined with injury after WrestleMania 31, this time with concussion issues. His inability to get passed healthy since then has been well documented. He's been out of action for ten months now. His main event career feels like a distant memory, with the company moving on to a new generation of stars. But don't give up on Daniel Bryan just yet. He's the ultimate underdog, and just like two years ago, he's hoping to overcome the obstacles in front of him right now. There are even some clues that a return could come as soon as this Monday on Raw.
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