10 Reasons Everyone Hated Kevin Nash In WCW

You don't get into the WWE Hall of Fame without making some enemies.

When it comes to Kevin Nash, whether you love him or hate him, you likely have a strong opinion of the guy. "Big Sexy" has a penchant for getting under the skin of his co-workers, and he's an incredibly polarizing figure among the pro wrestling fan base. With rumors circulating that he'll soon be inducted in the WWE Hall of Fame - likely as Diesel rather than Kevin Nash similar to his friend Scott Hall's induction last year - there's going to be plenty of talk about all of his positive contributions to the wrestling industry. And make no mistake, he's a pivotal figure in its history, spearheading the wildly successful angle that jumpstarted the Monday Night War and largely set the standard for giants who were also gifted on the mic. That being said, his detractors will also want to make their opinions heard about the man many have leveled a portion of the blame for WCW's demise on. For a guy who forged such a tight-knit bond of friends during his time in the industry, he also managed to alienate, annoy and anger a much larger percentage of the men he worked with. Read on and find out why he was such a target of controversy during his time in WCW.

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