10 Reasons Goldberg Deserves His WWE Hall Of Fame 2018 Induction

This is one for those long-suffering WCW fans...

HOF2018 Goldberg

WWE have started off announcements for the 2018 Hall Of Fame in a huge way by revealing that none other than Bill Goldberg will be inducted this coming April.

To young kids who only watched Goldberg's brief comeback between November, 2016 and April, 2017, it may be a surprise that he's even considered. The truth is this: even with that short run through Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, Fastlane and WrestleMania 33, big Bill proved he belonged in a class of his own and has a magnetism few can match.

If that sounds too much like the scribblings of a fanboy, then good. This writer was a massive fan of WCW and has countless memories of staying up extra late or relying on old VHS tapes to chart Goldberg's rise from black boots-wearing nobody to genuine megastar. Besides, legit happy moments that make one recall childhood with misty-eyed fondness must be cherished in wrestling, and this is one of them.

Goldberg deserves his spot in the WWE HOF, and here's why. Hall Of Fame, 'You're Next'...

10. His Throwback Style Deserves To Be Celebrated

Goldberg Brock Lesnar

The pace expected of heavyweights has quickened since Goldberg's heyday. Outside of a few names such as Brock Lesnar and Braun Strowman, there aren't many who work with the deliberate speed of Bill during longer matches. That's not criticism, it's simple fact.

During Goldberg's recent WWE return, he thankfully wasn't called upon to work lengthy matches or do much at all outside his comfort zone. Finally, a full 13 years after they'd first tried it, WWE figured out how best to use Bill Goldberg. They also realised that his limited move set (punches, kicks, a Spear and Jackhammer are all you get) should be celebrated.

Goldberg reached HOF level because he stuck to what he knew. Fans weren't going to see Hurricanranas or elaborate spots from the man, and he was better for that. Rarely has an induction been so deserved by someone who refused to expand his repertoire or give in to wrestling trends.


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