10 Reasons Sting Is Winning Seth Rollins' WWE Title At Night Of Champions

A very bold piece of booking from WWE.

Sting returned to WWE at the conclusion of the post-SummerSlam Raw, attacking Seth Rollins and holding the WWE Championship. It was an unforgettable image, even if the booking made absolutely zero sense. Triple H then went on the WWE Network and announced that it will be Sting versus Seth Rollins at Night Of Champions. A WWE statement then confirmed it will be for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. It is a bold piece of booking, no doubt about that. After losing to Triple H at WrestleMania 31, Sting is suddenly back, and in title contention. It didn't make much sense for his old adversary Triple H to give him a title shot, but WWE don't care about logic when it comes to creative. They just want to get a marquee match to sell their next Network show, and Sting versus Rollins is certainly an enticing headline banner. The return pop wasn't as loud as WWE maybe hoped for, but Sting is still a good bet to lift Raw ratings in the coming weeks. He's a big veteran name and nostalgia sells in WWE. Network subscriptions will inevitably dip after SummerSlam, but his presence should ensure some stability. My immediate reaction to the return segment, was to conclude that Sting will be winning the WWE Championship. Here's ten reasons it is looking that way...
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