10 Reasons Sting Is Winning Seth Rollins' WWE Title At Night Of Champions

10. John Cena Vs Seth Rollins For The US Title In Night Of Champions Mid-Card

Part of the reason Sting could be defeating Seth Rollins for the WWE Title, is that Rollins has a built in cover story. At Night Of Champions, all titles will be defended. What that means, is he'll be doing double duty on the show. He will be defending his US title against John Cena, likely just thirty minutes before he'll be back out to defend the WWE title against Sting. WWE could tell the story that Cena hurts Rollins, or at least exhausts him. That then leaves Rollins vulnerable against Sting. They could even do it where Rollins escapes with the US title via cheating. Cena then comes out in the main event and gets revenge by costing Rollins the match. It means that Sting is champ, but Rollins still saves his aura and gets to continue his big feud with Cena.
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