10 Reasons To Be Excited About The Rest Of 2020 In WWE

There is promise in the final quarter of the year... honest.


Imagine trying to picture the Thunderdome back in February! Different worlds, right?

With the majority of their plans being burned to the ground back in March, WWE have made some concessions, some changes, some admirable decisions, and some abhorrent ones. Onward, the product ticks. The crazy WWE timeline is the new norm. Unfortunately, shoddy continuity and misguided booking continues to take precedence. Global bastards to one side, it can still be a very frustrating product to watch.

Wrestling talent is still however, bloody awesome, and superstars still give it their all. We can at least be grateful towards the business on the whole for continuing to put on a show, and give us all a distraction during turbulent times.

With under four months left of 2020, it may be naive to adopt a 'best is yet to come' mindset . There's a high chance it won't. That said, before you fully commit to that decision of absolving your wrestling itinerary of WWE, here are some highly appealing motives to stick around and reassess your decision over a glass at New Year's.

It's not all bad, honest.


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