10 Reasons To Be Excited About The Rest Of 2020 In WWE

10. Keith Lee's Push To The Moon

One of the biggest things we can put faith in regarding Keith Lee's big push to the moon, is that he's simply not the kind of dude who'd settle for having a title dropped on his lap. As per his fight to the top in NXT, his path to glory on the main roster will be a hard slug.

There's always the worry that booking might throw in a curve ball, or Vince may wake up on the wrong side of bed and ditch the blueprints, but with so much faith put in the man, the possibilities are more likely to be, well... 'limitless'. Like the classic rises of Steve Austin and Daniel Bryan, etc., we can expect Lee's campaign trail to inevitable championship glory to be met with rage, pain, gritted teeth, love, loss and all that other good stuff. It just really suits him.

Keith Lee ain't the only wrestler deserving of Vince McMahon's kudos, but he's deserving nonetheless. His journey to ongoing success throughout the company is already a pleasure to watch and is set to get even better.


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