10 Reasons To Be Excited About The Rest Of 2020 In WWE

9. A Shining Diamond In The Retribution Rough

Bray Walrus

Granted, it's not looking good.

A month or so in, and the lurking threat of Retribution has morphed into a bit of a joke. Yes, one might jest that tanking the entire stable is the only thing to be excited about, but you also have to remember that there is a real group of talent at its core. This may be the opportunity for them to blossom. Stables are historically the starting point for many an iconic superstar.

One can clutch onto the dream that a pinch of magical creative fairy dust will land on Retribution and make them good. Even if that doesn't happen, the possible mix of old plus new faces, yet to be unveiled, can lead to some nice possibilities in the long term. The fact that the group's very existence is shrouded in mystery makes it exciting, for better or worse.

Whilst it's unlikely that the faction will ever reach a Nexus level of quality, it's equally unlikely that at least one solid career prospect won't emerge off the back of it. Something good will come from this... even if its only one thing.


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