10 Reasons To Be Nervous For WWE In 2020

The shatter machine.

Despite the threat of true competition for the first time in almost 20 years, sagging public opinion amongst hardcore fans and Twitter blowing up after every show, Vince McMahon still has a lot to be chipper about.

His company rakes in vast amounts of money, the future is bright thanks to NXT's approach and he remains the market leader in an industry that's ever-evolving. Somehow though, next year seems like a make-or-break one for WWE as the pinnacle of "sports entertainment" success. 2020 will either batten down the hatches and fend off AEW brilliantly, or it'll be a panic-ridden 12 month period that sells some on jumping ship to Tony Khan's league.

This writer cannot lie. As a lifelong WWE supporter (albeit one who enjoyed ECW and WCW throughout the '90s and TNA's all-too-brief time in the sun years later too), he's worried about what might happen. There are visible cracks appearing in a formula that once laughed in the face of outcry, almost like WWE are struggling to comprehend losing the monopoly they've held from 2001 onwards.

Start chewing your fingernails...


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