10 Reasons To Be Nervous For WWE In 2020

10. The Draft Mask Continues Slipping

The latest Draft is mere weeks old and WWE has already shown an inability to maintain it. Brock Lesnar has shifted brands (using the most paper-thin of reasons to do so), and brands are bleeding into one another all so the company can sell Survivor Series. It's poor planning, and it's making the E look like some kids bored of Christmas toys by Boxing Day.

Some patience for an idea they've literally just executed would be nice.

Don't expect this to change in 2020. By then, in an industry that moves like Usain Bolt with diarrhoea to the nearest toilet, WWE will be even more jaded by their own "strict" brand division concept. Face it, it wouldn't be a surprise if Vince McMahon appears on Raw or SmackDown by mid-April and announces that the "Wild Card Rule" is coming back.

WWE should've known that they were going to book inter-brand warfare at Survivors. Thus, they should've also realised that they'd have to break some rules and make the thing look foolish almost immediately. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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