10 Reasons WWE Fans Should Be Watching Total Divas

Should Total Divas become a regular part of your wrestling diet?

If you grew up as a wrestling fan, then you probably treat Total Divas with all the respect reserved for something you have discovered stuck to the bottom of your shoe. It is related to our beloved wrestling, but it is not the same. No, it is a vapid portrayal of a group of women some of whom are genuine wrestlers but some of whom are little more than models hoping they can ride the WWE to the top. However, underneath all that self-obsession - which don't get us wrong, there is a lot of - there is a show that has something for you - For the person that knows the difference between a head scissors and a hurricanrana. Total Divas may feel like the opposite of everything you care about, but there is enough there to make it worthy of at least a bit of your time.

10. Another Side Of Eva Marie

Eva Marie can't wrestle. It is hard to get past that. Her recent return to NXT has seen the Cult of Full Sail turn on her and she can't step foot in the NXT arena without being barraged by boos and that doesn't look likely to change anytime soon. Unless you show the audience Total Divas, because the Eva Marie you see there is a lot harder to hate. Gone is the arrogant character she portrays on TV and in her place is a young woman who might not be able to wrestle but is trying really hard. And the thing is, it is not just wrestling she struggles with. Poor Eva seems to struggle with a lot of things. There isn't much she can do without help and you sometimes just want to give her a hug. Then there's the fact that it is not just the fans who seem determined to turn on her, but her peers as well. Last season saw her fellow Divas get annoyed because she had the audacity to do extra training. When Rosa Mendes is insulting you for not being a good wrestler, you know something is wrong. This season sees Eva continue her journey into NXT and before you boo her and declare her unfit for the role, maybe check her out on Total Divas and get to know the person behind the pretty face.

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