10 Reasons WWE Fans Should Be Worried About The Women’s Revolution

The Women’s Revolution rolled all the way to WrestleMania. Have the wheels now come off?

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Somewhere, on a forum in one of the darker recesses of the Internet, is another article with a very similar title. It is written by someone with a username like, “AttitudeEra4Eva” and it decries the lack of bra and panties matches in WWE’s PG Era.

This is not that article. This is an article concerned that WWE has had its Women’s Revolution PR cake but doesn’t much want to eat it anymore. An article that worries horny old leopards are still struggling to change their spots. An article that has noticed Stephanie isn’t even the dominant irritant McMahon on WWE TV anymore.

A lot of the progress that has been made cannot be undone and that’s great! WWE deserves a certain amount of credit for their efforts so far.

No one is suggesting that WWE is going to bring back the Divas championship or various demeaning match types from the past. Nor will the company completely abandon the Women’s Revolution, at least at the most basic, lip service level. Not when there are T-shirts with “The Man” printed on them to be sold.

Still, it does feel like progress has stalled somewhat. You could even make the argument there has been a not insignificant amount of backsliding. In fact that is pretty much the argument this article is here to make...

10. The Man Standing By Her Man

Alexa Bliss Dressing Room

‘The Man’ Becky Lynch is more than just another WWE Superstar. She is an organic phenomenon. An engaging, charismatic performer sent aloft on a groundswell of fan support. The most over performer of either gender on the roster.

We as fans want to see her kick ass, cut scathing promos and provide the cathartic comeuppance to any heel fool enough to challenge for her title. It doesn’t especially matter to us who she goes home to afterwards. Who cares who “The Man” bumps uglies with? WWE creative do!

Consequently, instead of lining up feuds that would enhance her title reign and elevate the women around her, Lynch is being plunged into mixed tag matches alongside her ’Beastslayer’ boyfriend Seth Rollins like a more violent version of All Star Mr and Mrs. Both performers are diminished in the process. Remember that The Mixed Match Challenge was a novelty not deemed worthy of TV time.

In WWE storyline Lynch has proven capable of defying Vince McMahon, overcoming the odds and walking out of WrestleMania as ‘Becky Two Belts’ all by herself. She doesn’t need a man on her arm for support now.

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