10 Reasons WWE Fans Should Be Worried About The Women’s Revolution

9. Alexa Bliss’ YouTube Numbers

Alexa Bliss Dressing Room

“Alexa Bliss is rudely interrupted in her dressing room.” That is the clickbaity title of a YouTube clip that has currently amassed 7.2 million views from people presumably seeking bliss of one kind or another. It achieved the first couple of million views within its first few hours online, views presumably trailing off when word got around that the clip is actually very tame. Nonetheless, it’s a clear indication there is still a market out there for the cheap, lazy objectification of women.

With the ongoing ratings crisis, the higher ups at WWE could decide it's time once again to give the public what Kevin Dunn wants. This can only be bad news in the ongoing struggle for women’s wrestling to be taken seriously.

Of course, times have changed, and we won’t be seeing a return to Miss Kitty exposing her breasts or Jerry ‘The King’ Lawyer losing his mind at the sight of bikini busting “puppies”. In 2019, WWE will have to be a bit more subtle than that. Then again, WWE don’t have the best track record when it comes to subtlety.

Maybe two wrestlers will get Ucey Hot in their wrestling gear and rather than drag their arses across the mat, Revival style, they’ll relieve the sensation by rubbing against one another? Please nobody pass this deliberately ridiculous idea on to Vince, just in case.

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