10 Reasons WWE Owes Triple H

He's an injury no-selling, star-making, future-building kind of guy.

With his sneering persona and the fact he's the current WWE Champion twenty years on from his debut, it's easy to imagine why there are many who dislike Triple H. Even so, it's absolutely amazing to think that there are those who would simply sum up his run in WWE as 'he married the boss's daughter and got lucky'. To do so ignores so much great work, countless hours of dedication and a very real desire to succeed. Due to the fact that the man won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, there has arguably never been a better time to analyse Triple H's tenure with the company. Over the years, the guy has become so entrenched in the WWE system that it's almost impossible to picture the company without him around. That may seem like a sweeping statement, but just imagine how different things might be if Triple H hadn't been around. There would have been a sizeable hole in the main event scene for one, and several key facets WWE hope will provide a healthy future may not be in place at all. This article forgoes the usual viewpoint that Triple H is an egotist who never puts anyone over, and instead focuses on all the good things he has brought to the table since joining the then-WWF in 1995 and why he should be rewarded for his service.
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