10 Reasons WWE Owes Triple H

10. Worked Through Hellish Injury To Finish A Match - Twice!

May 21, 2001 was a remarkably painful day for Triple H. Defending the WWF Tag-Team Titles alongside Steve Austin in the main event of Raw, the man lay crumpled on the ring mat whilst one of his quadriceps muscles tore completely off the bone. The injury had been a fairly innocuous one, occurring when 'The Game' went to bash Chris Jericho with a routine strike whilst the match was nearing its conclusion. The scheduled result was that Jericho and Chris Benoit would win the titles, but the injury made the ending difficult. Powering through the pain, Triple H even wound up on the receiving end of Y2J's 'Walls Of Jericho' finishing move. To this day, Jericho states that he has unmatched respect for his peer, who was clearly in agony as the hold was applied but demanded they continue on-script. It would have been forgivable had the guy simply motioned to officials that he was badly hurt, thus being helped to the back and taking no further part in the bout. Instead, Triple H showed incredible fortitude to finish his work and only accept medical help when his shift was over. Few can say for sure that they would have done the same, because the idea of a muscle detaching and literally rolling up someone's leg is horrendous. Oh, and then Triple H did it again almost six years later, when his other quad blew out live on PPV. The match almost fell apart like The Game's leg, but the Cerebral Assassin powered through and made sure things didn't completely deteriorate.
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