10 Reasons WWE Will Fire Lana On Her Wedding Day

10. Cut Her Out Of Photos

Yes she might have just taken part in a gallery dedicated to the Superbowl, but Lana has been missing from's photos for some time. If you look at any recent gallery of RuRu's matches from RAW, SmackDown or pay per views, you'll see that Lana has either been cut out or shunted to the back of shot in every single picture. Take this example from last week's RAW where the Bulgarian Brute took on Kalisto. Lana is quite literally to the left of this shot but has been cut out altogether. This also transpired on American television, where the Ravishing Russian - so I'm reliably told - was nowhere to be seen in any close-up or mentioned on commentary during his match. It was like she didn't exist. It seems like there is a conscious effort on WWE's part to cut her out of events she has participated in. I hope I'm wrong the but the evidence is certainly there.
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