10 Recent Plot Points WWE Dropped Cold

"I'll go where Daniel Bryan has not gone before". Maybe. Maybe not...

Alexa Bliss Nikki Cross Raw

Ignorance is bliss, they say.

The mysterious "they" must've worked on WWE's creative team at some point in the past, because that same pig-headed disregard for storyline investment is rampant there in 2019. The product has undergone serious change, mainly on Raw with Paul Heyman's guiding hand quite obviously impacting TV, but the same nagging apathy towards tying up loose ends or actually finishing stories is still there.

WWE are in the nasty habit of starting something without properly having a plan in place for where it's going, and that naturally leads to fading enthusiasm when it doesn't take off. Worse, there's a painful procession of plot points that swerve without warning depending on which side of bed the boss got out of that morning.

This isn't doing anyone any favours, and it makes it hard for those who do want to care about WWE's produce to give a sh*t. Why bother devoting brain power to these angles or characters when they change on a whim week-to-week?

Here are the worst culprits from the first nine months of programming this year...

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