10 Recent Times WWE Hit The Upgrade Button

10. Farewell To The 'King'


Even the best have to hold their hands up and realise when it's time for them to step aside and let someone new settle snugly into their chair. That's what happened to Jerry Lawler recently; the 'King' was clearly old hat, and was content to use hackneyed catchphrases, jokes and techniques that once made him cutting edge.

WWE commentary has moved on from Lawler though, and that's why it was for the best when he was replaced by Samoa Joe. Lord only knows how long this will last, but bring it on. Joe is a breath of fresh air on the headset. His dialogue retains the personality of classic colour commentators of old, but it's more contemporary.

Jerry, meanwhile, was feeling a tad tired.

The way Joe has added urgency and excitement to Raw's product is rather startling. Who could have imagined that he'd be this good as an announcer? Long may it continue, because the Samoan is a fine complement to Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton.

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